when u think yr drawing looks great but then u flip the canvas



Girls from the Iraqi National school of Music and Ballet practicing outside, Baghdad 1975.

Girls from the Iraqi National school of Music and Ballet practicing outside, Baghdad 1975.



This is perfect.

I’m so glad he’s guarding our galaxy



Nice to put an artist name on all these crazy Spongebob faces :
Robert Ryan Cory
(character designer on the show from 2004 to 2013)

First, my name is Robertryan Cory. I’m just going to make it official here so people stop separating it.

Two, a lot of these drawings are close to 7 years old at this point, but this gives me a chance to clear up some misconceptions about post-movie episodes.

I don’t write the jokes/stories, I’m not responsible for anything more than rendering the final design. I just draw. If I’m given a cute spongebob section, I try to make it look cuter, and if I’m given a gross out section, I try to go over the top. That’s my job, and I tried to do it to the best of my abilities.

I sometimes read people criticizing some of my friends as ruining the show, but Hillenburg looked over all of our stuff. He read boards and censored designs he didn’t want. He just didn’t come into the office. There were times I went out of show style and I was punished for it, but I was trying to experiment with new ideas and approaches. I drew plenty of on-model simple designs for Spongebob, but I never saved those or posted them online because this was a portfolio and I was showcasing the times I didn’t adhere to the main model.

Whether it’s Spongebob, Simpsons, Adventure Time, etc it’s difficult to make a show fresh and unique after the first 3 seasons. That has to do with limiting time to make the episodes, having to adhere to a set list of rules and guidelines (where in the beginning, you’re more free to explore different approaches), and the loss of crew members who ultimately move on to try their hand at their own projects.

Anyway, you’re welcome to hate it or love it, but I think you’re better off saving your passion and intensity towards your own hobbies rather than some corporate entity you can’t control.



To those who don’t believe in miracles, explain this.

I…believe in miracles. 



What the HELL is tf2



i never thought this damn post would get as many posts as it did